Nurturing Talent: Secondary Students at Coronation Property


At Coronation Property, we recently had the pleasure of hosting two students from Danebank Anglican School, Alyssa and Gabriella, as part of their Life Skills program. Guided by their Learning Support Assistant Joanne, Alyssa and Gabriella integrated seamlessly into the dynamic environment at Coronation Property.

The students actively engaged in various administrative tasks throughout their time with us to develop independence, confidence, and social skills. In addition to their office duties, Mona, our Head of Design, introduced Alyssa and Gabriella to the world of watercolour painting—adding a creative outlet introducing variety and fun to their daily tasks.

We were excited to receive positive feedback from Gabriella, who exclaimed, "This is the best work experience!"


It was a hugely rewarding experience for our office and team members, assisting in fostering a smooth transition from the school to the professional setting for these students.

The success of our collaboration was evident as the students keenly requested to return to our office in the new year. We look forward to hosting Alyssa and Gabriella, as each department has engaged positively with the students.

"Being able to contribute to the growth and development of Alyssa and Gabriella has brought great sentiment within our office. The social outcomes were both beneficial to our staff and the students." - Mona Chao, Head of Design.