Coronation Property’s Placemaking Helps NSW Projects Stack Up


Coronation Property The Paper Mill Precinct



At Coronation Property, our ethos revolves around the concept of placemaking. We believe in crafting environments that transcend mere structures, creating vibrant communities where people can truly feel at home. With a robust pipeline over $5 billion in mixed-use projects sprawled across Sydney, our commitment to delivering diverse housing solutions remains unwavering.

Central to our approach is the integration of thoughtful decision-making processes that consider the intricate interplay between community needs, public spaces, and private initiatives. This perspective drives us to reimagine and reinvent public spaces across all our developments, ensuring that each project not only meets but exceeds the expectations of its residents and the broader community.

An award winning example of our dedication to placemaking is The Paper Mill Precinct in Liverpool. This transformative project is more than just a collection of buildings; it's a revitalisation effort aimed at restoring the site's significance within the fabric of the Liverpool community. Comprising six residential towers and anchored by the bustling culinary hub, The Paper Mill Food, the precinct serves as a dynamic focal point for residents and visitors alike. Here, amidst the lively atmosphere and diverse offerings, people come together, forging connections and creating lasting memories.

"We build where we live, so we are personally invested in making places that work and, most importantly, feel exceptional. At Coronation, we have an unwavering dedication to not just constructing buildings, but crafting experiences that enrich lives and leave a lasting impact.” Joe Nahas, Managing Director and Owner of Coronation Property. 

Across our current projects in Merrylands, Parramatta, Harris Park, Ashbury, Erskineville, St Peters and Chatswood, we continue to move ahead with our mission of placemaking and remain dedicated to our commitment to creating spaces that inspire, connect, and endure. With each project, we strive to elevate the concept of home, transforming mere addresses into thriving communities where every individual feels a sense of belonging. 


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