In Conversation: David Cremona Coronation Property Q&A



In this exclusive Q+A, we have the privilege of diving into the wealth of experience and expertise of David Cremona, General Manager at Coronation Property. With a career spanning decades and marked by remarkable achievements, David provides invaluable insights into the world of property development, shedding light on key strategies for driving growth and excellence in the industry.


Could you share insights into your career journey, emphasising significant milestones and experiences that have been instrumental in shaping your professional path?

I began my career in 1997 as a young labourer on the tools at Meriton, then worked my way up. The first project I managed was in Mascot, delivering 335 units where I learned project management and people management skills.

However, one of the most significant career opportunities I received was the chance to work on Meriton founder Harry Triguboff's house, which led to a strong connection through our regular one-on-one meetings. He quickly recognised my abilities, promoting me to oversee a substantial, multi-phase development comprising 1,200 units at Rhodes. The project presented many complex challenges, including managing contamination, remediation, and implementing best practices for site reuse. It was an invaluable experience that gave me the detailed construction knowledge I draw upon today.

In 2013, I advanced to the position of Director of Construction, managing the entire Meriton portfolio where, over the next decade, I successfully oversaw the delivery of more than 15,000 apartments to a total construction value of $8.5 billion. Throughout this period, I collaborated with the company's Sales Director to enhance Meriton's brand's market position and reputation by implementing innovative processes and procedures and recruiting highly skilled individuals. My contributions played a crucial role in Meriton delivering a consistent and high-quality product across its portfolio, resulting in the company achieving its 4.5 iCIRT rating.


As General Manager at Coronation Property, could you provide an overview of the key objectives and goals for the organisation?

Dedicated to industry excellence, we prioritise on-site safety with a zero-harm approach. Our commitment involves improving delivery methods and implementing stringent procedures for transparency and quality consistency across all projects. This ensures adherence to high standards, develops trust, and positions us as a reliable leader in innovation and efficiency.

As a diversified property group, Coronation offers end-to-end services across each stage of the property lifecycle, with an embedded role in the future of each place it creates. Collaborating with world-leading architects, designers, and place-makers to create legacy projects that will benefit purchasers, renters and communities, now and well into the future.


What strategic initiatives will you implement to facilitate the company's growth and ensure long-term prosperity?

A central focus of mine is advancing the company's growth by driving business outcomes through effective leadership. My role extends to championing the brand within the community, fostering innovation, and ensuring our products offer exceptional value for money while upholding high standards of design and quality. This multifaceted approach aims to solidify our market presence, resonate with customers, and contribute significantly to the overall success and sustainability of the company.

From your professional viewpoint, could you articulate the distinguishing factors that set Coronation Property apart from its competitors within the industry landscape?

Coronation Property is committed to revolutionising apartment living through fully integrated developments, prioritising the end user. The company's steadfast dedication, exemplified by its leadership team, is truly inspiring as they deliver prestigious, mixed-use developments across Sydney. This commitment highlights Coronation Property's devotion to innovation, creating a distinctive living experience that sets a new standard in the real estate landscape. Their emphasis on excellence and user-centric design remains crucial in shaping the future of urban living.

We have recently launched Nation, Coronation Property Group's build-to-rent subsidiary focused on creating sustainable, service orientated homes that provide a premium rental experience. With almost 1,500 new apartments in the pipeline, Nation sets the standard for high-quality, amenity-rich apartments in Sydney's rental market. This pipeline includes Mason & Main in Merrylands, Charlie Parker in Parramatta City, Erskineville and St Peters.

David Cremona's journey from labourer to General Manager at Coronation Property embodies perseverance and vision. With his leadership, Coronation Property leads innovation for urban living, shaping dynamic communities.