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Liverpool Council’s five major CBD priorities

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Efficient public transport, a modern 18-hour economy and open space are some of the top priorities for Liverpool Council as it works to transform the region into Sydney’s third CBD.

Liverpool Mayor Wendy Waller said the council had looked at examples from Australia and around the world but aspired to be a city “with our own identity”.

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She said it would be one “built on high design standards and with great connections to our natural environment”, both of which will ensure the city “remains liveable for generations to come”.

Cr Waller outlined the top five priorities for Liverpool as it embraces the coveted status of Sydney’s third CBD, after the City of Sydney and Parramatta.

They include supporting mixed-use development to encourage more businesses and to double the resident population and encouraging a wider range of commercial, retail and employment opportunities to allow a vibrant 18-hour economy to flourish.

In September 2018, 25ha of the Liverpool city centre was rezoned to allow more mixed-use developments.

Already, a number of proposals have been floated for the CBD and its fringes, including three mixed-use developments in a row on Elizabeth St and a commercial tower and hotel on Macquarie St.

Cr Waller said another council priority was the proposed Liverpool Civic Place development at 52 Scott St, which will activate the southern end of the city centre.

If approved, the $400 million project will be Liverpool Council’s biggest-ever investment.

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The proposal includes plans for new council offices and chambers, a library and community hub, childcare centre, civic plaza, council and public parking, and space for University of Wollongong’s southwestern Sydney campus.

Other priorities included a rapid transit corridor to connect the Liverpool CBD and Western Sydney International Airport, as well as enhancing the city’s natural and open space assets.

Cr Waller said this involved improving connections to the Georges River and transforming parks such as the 28ha Woodward Place.

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“Building on its significant historic foundations, multicultural identity and the growth of the regional economy, Liverpool is fast becoming Sydney’s third CBD — a centre for more than one million people in southwest Sydney,” she said.

Liverpool Council has developed its draft Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS), titled Connected Liverpool 2050, and residents are invited to make submissions.

“We’ve listened to the community and their feedback will help guide development in Liverpool for the next 30 years, balancing the need for housing, jobs and services as well as parks, community facilities and the natural environment,” Cr Waller said.

“As determined in our draft LSPS, the Liverpool LGA is unique in that it caters to all types of land use. There’s a place for high-rise in our CBD, but good design must govern this.

“We are also able to retain lower-density suburbs and rural lands. New town centres, particularly around key transport hubs, will also provide easy access for people to the things they need — shops and dining, community facilities and new open spaces.”

Article originally published in The Daily Telegraph July 3, 2019.