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First Milestones for 8 Phillip Street

With initial works commenced in the first quarter of 2019 and 8 months of construction now behind us, 8 Phillip Street has conquered several important milestones – with more currently underway.

Embarking on a site that holds such significance to the local area, for both historical and aesthetic reasons, was always going to offer interesting challenges to overcome. It is, after all, a site with important reminders of Parramatta’s culture and complexity. Not to mention, a major contribution to the Parramatta townscape and our understanding of early urban development in Parramatta.

We look at the construction journey so far and detail what’s next for 8 Phillip Street, Parramatta.

Time-lapse of Deconstruction


Preserving Parramatta’s Rich History

In coordination and assessment with the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, Archaeological testing of the site was conducted over 8 months until February 2019.

This process was a legislative requirement due to the historical significance of Parramatta’s CBD and the increased likelihood for the presence of Aboriginal and European artefacts within this catchment.

Deconstruction of the Church Hall commenced in June 2019 and was completed by the end of August 2019.

It was a methodical, meticulous exercise in preservation (and perseverance) which saw every individual brick, floorboard and roof tile deconstructed by hand, mapped and numbered. All items are currently in storage until the time comes to reconstruct and incorporate these heritage elements into the final building design.

The excavation unearthed several artefacts of European origin.

Ensuring this rich history is preserved has remained our focus and plans are now being made to incorporate these artefacts into the design and fabric of the QT Hotel that will occupy the lower half of the 8 Phillip Street tower.

During this time, Coronation has been working closely with QT Hotel to progress the design of the hotel and ensure we are delivering a world-class facility, unlike no other currently available in Western Sydney. 

We look forward to revealing more in our next update.