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Development in Western Sydney Visibly Apparent as Construction Boom Continues

If you wanted to know just how much growth Western Sydney has experienced over the past decade, you simply need to look at new property data and comparative photos released from Nearmap, a leader in aerial imagery, which illustrates the region’s rapid growth.

Notably, housing completions in Parramatta and Blacktown are surging as aerial images reinforce how major projects and thousands of new properties are transforming the appearance of the region.

“The Planning Department’s Housing Monitor lists Parramatta alongside the City of Sydney as the top-performing councils when it comes to meeting key growth targets.”

Key stats:

  • There were 4,231 housing completion in the Parramatta LGA, just behind the City of Sydney at 4,351 for the year to August 2018.
  • Seven of the top 10 spots for housing completions came from councils in Sydney’s west and northern districts, with Blacktown coming in third (3,325). Compare that with the previous five-year period, where Parramatta had 13,900 new dwellings and Blacktown had 11,200.
  • Parramatta is expected to have 21,650 new homes, ahead of Blacktown with 13,950, Cumberland (9,350) and The Hills (8,550) by 2021.

The Greater Sydney Commission’s tough housing supply targets, which were set in 2016 looks on track to be met by most of the West and Northwest Sydney councils based on this latest data.

As part of the commission’s 40-year vision for a “Metropolis of Three Cities”, it has great expectations for Parramatta and it’s well on the way to hitting its targets.

“It’s Boomsville in Parramatta and surrounding areas.” Parramatta is leading the way for western Sydney in this dramatic shift in its size”. With the Metro West line and light rail coming, along with the thousands of new homes and bigger, precinct-scale developments, it’s an energised area,” said Urban Taskforce CEO Chris Johnson.

Parramatta, which will be at the heart of a new Central River City, is projected to have an additional 14,500 new residents and 22,000 new jobs by 2026, and Western Sydney will have an additional one million people.

“And with Parramatta vying to become Sydney’s second CBD and with the government planning to inject $2.9 billion to fuel the development of infrastructure in the region over the next 10 years, this change is just the beginning”, Nearmap boss Shane Preston said.

Original article: Parramatta Advertiser, November 19, 2018

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