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4 Parramatta Square Nears Completion

Dubbed the “Barangaroo of the west”, 4 Parramatta Square has reached its highest point in the square’s construction and is mere months away from completion.

The $2.7 billion project, which, Walker Corporation CEO David Gallant said had cost “$70 million in the last month alone”, will officially welcome tenants in November.

More than 90 per cent of the 65,000 square metre space has been leased to government agencies including the Planning Department, Environment and Heritage and the State Revenue services all relocating to the tower.

“We are proud to partner with the NSW Government and City of Parramatta in what is currently Australia’s largest commercial office project,” Mr Gallant said.

To date 46,000 cubic metres of concrete have been poured into the construction, 4000 glass facade sheets installed, 2000 tonnes of structural steel and more than 700 workers have been on-site on any given day.

Nationals water, property and housing state minister Melinda Pavey said the milestone was a move to decentralising the city.

“The attention needs to be moved west, rather than in the eastern suburbs,” Ms Pavey said.

“There is a lot that Parramatta has in common with regional NSW and what it needs is jobs and our Government is delivering on that.”

The tower will be the second tallest once Parramatta Square construction is completed, with the twin towers of six and eight reaching 55 storeys high.

NAB has already signed on for 3 Parramatta Square, as the anchor tenant, securing a lease for more than 40,000 square metres of new office space.

“It is not just about the workers and the towers, it’s the life that will be rejuvenated below,” Ms Pavey said.

“The nightlife, the restaurants, it will truly be the Barangaroo of the west.”

The first tenants will move into the tower in November with final tenancy made in March next year.

Article originally published in the Parramatta Advertiser July 29, 2019.