Jamie Durie to landscape Paper Mill development

Celebrity horticulturalist and landscaper Jamie Durie has teamed up with Liverpool council and Coronation Property to rejuvenate Liverpool’s Georges River precinct.

liverpoolchampion.com.au Ashleigh Milton 28-10-2016

Celebrity horticulturalist and landscaper Jamie Durie has teamed up with Liverpool council and Coronation Property to rejuvenate Liverpool’s Georges River precinct.

Tasked with $6.5 million, Durie will transform the landscape around the mixed-use Paper Mill development creating “stunning new riverfront boardwalks with lush native garden areas”.

Durie, told the Champion, that he and his team was excited to be part of the project.

“It’s early days, but my team and I have always prided ourselves on creating beautiful spaces for people to live in not just look at both inside and out,” he said.

“So our concepts at this stage are around creating stunning new riverfront boardwalks with lush native garden areas that we like to call ‘people pockets’ providing moments of rest, recreation and sanctuary.

“Beautifully well lit walking tracks and pedestrian transit pathways that allow the community to have much deserved greater public access to their Riverfront zones. Within the development we will offer concepts that provide lush entrance areas rooftop gardens with dining areas, pools, casual seating and areas to grow and cook fresh organic fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices.

“From an environmental standpoint our aim is to improve the quality of the water within the river post the decades of industry on the Georges River, we want to ensure we deal with the eradication of invasive noxious weeds currently occupying the banks and replace them with a series of natural native species that control erosion, take up any toxins and help purify the water and create sophisticated riverfront designs that manage any unexpected flash floods or rising waters.”

Durie said many factors come into effect when creating a new community.

“We are working with world class architects that are delivering spacious private residences,” he said.

“Then wrapping the buildings with vertical gardens, art, furniture, boardwalks ambient lighting and lush vibrant natural gardens for people to live in, we have always believed that a greater connection to the natural landscape provides people with a feeling of peace and well being not to mention good health and an upbeat positive social community.

“This is a landmark opportunity in the west, so its no surprise to me that spaces in this exciting new community are selling fast to local residents and their expanding young families. We at Durie Design are proud to play a part in it.”