Authority Creative street artists create mural for Coronation Property’s Charlie Parker development

Coronation Property recently engaged street art specialists Authority Creative to create an so-metre long street art mural surrounding its latest development site Charlie Parker.

Parramatta Sun 28-11-2017

The proposed 22 storey, 111 unit tower has been hailed as Parramatta’s cultural answer to Surry Hills.
Coronation Property partnered with architect firm Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp for the art-deco-inspired design – aptly named after the two streets it’s positioned on – Charles and Parkes streets.
Street artists Elliott “Numskull” Routledge and Shannon Crees spent a month preparing for the week-long project.
They were joined by contemporary Sydney artists, Gillie and Marc, who created the Charlie Parker character – an iconic half man, half elephant sculpture. Ms Crees described last month’s project similar to putting a jigsaw puzzle together. “It was one of the most positive works I’ve been involved with,” Ms Crees said. “Being at a busy intersection, people couldn’t help but notice what was going on. A lot of careful thought went into the mural to ensure it was sensitive to its surroundings. It brightens up the streetscape.” She believes the construction facade would be otherwise be blank canvas or graffiti vandalism and poster advertising, which is illegal. “The best thing is how much respect people for it,” Ms Crees said. “I hope it gives the community something nice to look at and evokes people’s curiosity.”
Ms Crees believes street art serves a purpose if it’s done well. “There is a lot of development and construction happening in Parramatta,” she said.
“Part of the beauty of street art is that it hides construction sites. It’s like a gift to the community.”
Charlie Parker is the third project Coronation Property has teamed up with Authority Creative on one of the previous projects was 8 Phillip Street in Parramatta.
“What street art does is help people to lift their eyes up and really interact with their surroundings – in this case it then leads them to ask more questions about what Charlie Parker is,” Authority Creative director Christopher Skyner said Coronation Property urban transformations and strategy director Aras Labutis said. “There’s a big difference between street art and graffiti, which is the association most people make straight away, and this is confirmed by many major institutions now embracing street art and engaging companies such as Authority Creative to assist with activations,” “For us, it’s helped build the strong marketing campaign around Charlie Parker, and over time, we hope it will contribute to the ongoing cultural uplift and transformation of the Parramatta-Harris Park area.”